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Online sports betting has taken the world by storm and New Zealand is no exception. The island country online betting scene is very popular with thousands of bettors looking for the best possible guides on online betting and the best sportsbook reviews. If you’re looking for comprehensive betting guides, the best bookmaker reviews in New Zealand, and the latest information on all things online betting-related, you’re at the right spot.

Here at BettingSites.net.nz, we pride ourselves on premium service for all customers and detailed reviews on the best 2021 New Zealand online betting sites. You don’t need to wander the Internet looking for the best bookie deals — everything’s right here in one spot. Our team of experts is ready and willing to make the life of New Zealand bettors easier.

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The Best Online Bookmakers in New Zealand in One Spot!

betting sites new zealand

While sports betting is fun, looking for a truly good bookie online isn’t. There are too many options so NZ bettors can sometimes be rightfully confused. You shouldn’t worry anymore, though. Bettingsites.net.nz is here with a list of the top-rated New Zealand online sportsbooks you can trust.

The list was created by experts with a long-standing experience in the field. We have done the hard work for you, inspecting every New Zealand online bookie that matters in detail.

We’ve taken a look at their licenses and security measures implemented, the number of bonuses and promos, the sports markets (alongside betting on esports), odds, and many other factors to give you a clearer idea of what your options are.

As a result, you’re left with a list of trustworthy bookies you can rely on. You’ll get the best odds of all online betting sites, the most lucrative sports markets and of course, the longest list of sports to bet on. From football and horse racing to badminton and beyond, you will have the time of your life with our reliable top-rated NZ online sports betting sites.

Get the Best Bonuses and Sports Betting Promos

Betting online with real money is exciting — we can’t argue with that. However, if you ask us, it’s even better when you bet with a bonus. Online sports betting sites in New Zealand are brimming to the top with excellent bonuses that will give you a nice head start before you start betting out of your pockets.

Why miss the opportunity to earn a free bet or get a massive welcome bonus? You can spend that extra cash to place bets on your favourite teams or leagues without investing a cent. Apart from the popular bonuses and promos, our sports betting guide will give you the best exclusive bonuses you can earn at New Zealand betting sites.

Types of Bonuses You Can Claim

bonus bookmakers new zeland

Welcome Bonus

Welcome offers are the most common type you’ll find at NZ sports betting sites. Almost every site on our list offers such a bonus usually in the form of a first deposit match. It’s a great way to hit the ground running if this is your first foray into the world of online betting.

Incentives make bettors play harder and that’s exactly what a welcome bonus does.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start your online sports betting expedition with money that doesn’t come from your own pocket? Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you claim any kind of bonus at NZ sports betting sites. There might be some terms you need to complete in a timeframe in order to unlock your winnings.

Free Bet

Welcome bonuses can also be free bets, but free bets also stand as a bonus of their own. Our top-rated New Zealand sports betting sites offer the best possible free bets. You might even claim some that come with no wagering requirements at all! Free bets are a great way to win some money without spending cash so we highly recommend them.

Loyalty Rewards

The most loyal bettors at our recommended NZ online sports betting sites will get the chance to earn a bunch of VIP prizes. That’s the way online betting portals in NZ say ‘Thank You’ for betting at their site. The variety of rewards can vary. From free bets to custom-tailored bonuses and more exotic awards such as trips abroad, you’ll definitely love what NZ sports betting portals have to offer.

How Our Experts Rank the Best Bookmakers in New Zealand in 2021

How Our Experts Rank the Best Bookmakers in New Zealand in 2020

Betting Site’s team comprises of seasoned individuals and master bettors that know exactly what you want and need. They have made a list of the top New Zealand sports betting portals in 2021 that have the best offer and ultimate odds. Numerous factors are taken into consideration when online betting portals are reviewed.

It’s not just about the number of betting markets or how many time you can bet on the All Blacks; it's not even about the value of odds — it’s about safety, security, and many other things..

Here are some things our expert team takes a look at when reviewing the best sports betting sites in New Zealand:


While many new NZ bettors won’t consider the license a deciding factor, it certainly is. There are too many scam sites online out there to rob you of your money. If you want your personal info and financials to be safe, you’ll only bet at properly regulated NZ online betting portals. The licenses you should look for are U.K.G.C and M.G.A.


Security is of the utmost importance when betting online. You’re not safely giving money to an employee in a betting shop — you’re wagering them online. This is why security is so important.

Most NZ online sports betting sites use SSL encryption to protect your data and that’s what you should aim for. The good news is that all recommended sites at Bettingsites.net.nz are secured with state-of-the-art systems that will never leak your data.

Number of markets

The number of markets and sports to bet on is one of the most important aspects of every NZ sports betting portal on our list. Our team of experts has made sure that the bookies on our list feature dozens of betting markets including fixed (pre-match) and live betting markets and odds.

Payment options

since you’re going to be funding your account digitally online, you’ll need a safe and secure method to complete the process at New Zealand betting sites. Our recommended portals offer a variety of safe and secure methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfer, and a bunch of e-wallets.


A bookie’s reputation usually speaks for itself. The sites you will find on our recommended list are all widely popular and reputable in New Zealand. Our experts have checked user opinions online and ranked the portals accordingly. If a bookie is not reputable and trustworthy, it doesn’t belong on our list.

Other factors are also taken into consideration for our expert reviews including the ease of use of the site, the mobile experience, bonuses and promos, etc. The end result of this challenging process is a filtered list of New Zealand betting sites you can trust. Pick any from our recommendations and we guarantee that you won’t go wrong.

The Ultimate New Zealand Online Betting Guides

betting guide

Online betting guides are very important for New Zealand bettors, especially if this is their first foray in the world of online sports betting. Sports betting can be complex and Bettingsites.net.nz knows it. We want to make things simple for NZ bettors by offering exclusive betting guides that cover the basics and advanced online betting strategies and ideas.

Our guides are here to help you place your bets and learn more about online betting in general. Created by a team of experts, they will help you get the best possible experience online. The guides also share useful tips and tricks that will make you a better punter.

If you want to give yourself a better chance to win at online sports betting, you’re at the right spot. Our betting guides will give you all the information you need to win at any sport. From football guides to live betting tips n’ tricks, we have everything punters need to win big on sports betting.

New players will find them extremely useful. As mentioned, sports betting can be pretty complex with hundreds of markets and in-play betting into the mix.

We have broken down everything in detail and presented it in a simple and easy to understand way for all new NZ punters. Read our betting guides and our NZ online betting portals 2021 reviews to learn more about sports betting for free.

Best Sports Betting Online Strategies in NZ

Best Sports Betting Online Strategies in NZ

Betting for fun is great if you are responsible. However, pro bettors should use strategies if they want to be good at online sports betting. The best betting portals in NZ in 2021 on our list offer a variety of expert strategies that should help you become a much better player.

Here at Bettingsites.net.nz, we have a collection of the top betting strategies from renowned experts. These were designed to increase your chances to win and make some profit instead of losing all of your money. Here are just a few straightforward strategies you should keep in mind when you bet on sports online:

  • Bet a Maximum of 1%-2% of Your Bankroll

If you want to make some money in the long run in online sports betting, you must manage your bankroll properly. Our experts believe that you have the best chance of success by not betting more than 1 or 2% of your bankroll per slip. Online betting can be streaky with even the best NZ bettors going through rough patches. To minimize the risk of heavy losses, you can limit your maximum bets and keep more cash in your pocket.

  • Always Use Strategies

One of the most notable differences between pro bettors and casual players is the use of online betting strategies. Without one, you’ll have a hard time getting to the next level. A betting strategy will allow you to be in control of your and bet with more focus. Here at Bettingsites.net.nz, we have numerous excellent online betting systems for New Zealand bettors you can use for free. Use them to your advantage and you’ll start winning before you know it.

  • Don’t Get Overconfident

One thing you should always have in mind about online sports betting – you’ll win some and you’ll lose some. There’s no such thing as winning each slip. You can go through a winning patch, of course, but a 100% winning mindset will put you in trouble sooner than later. Never get carried away if you win a few slips. Keep your feet on the ground or you’ll make costly mistakes. Remember — luck plays a bit part in gambling including online betting.

  • Do Your Research

When you’re betting for fun, you should keep your bets small and not spend a lot of time on research. If you want to take things to another level, though, it’s time to do some research. Investing some time on researching the sports, leagues, and events you want to bet on can go a long way toward improving your chances of winning. Even watching a match will help you learn more. Do your research if you want to be good at online betting — it’s the right thing to do.

  • Ignore Being Biased

Many New Zealand bettors are biased toward many sports when it comes to online betting. They prefer to wager on one sport or team, depriving themselves of the many opportunities online sports betting offers. People bet what they want and sometimes, they don’t even consider if they’re making the right choice. Don’t let personal bias get in your way. If you’re trying to make money, you’ll need to put it aside before it clouds your judgment and leads you to bad decisions.

Popular Sports for NZ Online Betting Fans

Popular Sports for NZ Online Betting Fans

New Zealand bettors have a wide range of options when it comes to sports to bet on. The best bookmakers in New Zealand on our list feature all the most popular sports for Kiwis along with a variety of markets. There’s one surprising fact – while football is popular in NZ, it is not the biggest sport market in the island country. That crown belongs to rugby.

New Zealand Rugby

No matter if you’re a league or union supporter, rugby is the most popular sport to bet on. All the best bookmakers online in New Zealand offer rugby events and matches to bet on. Rugby union is the unofficial national sport in NZ so it’s no surprise to see why it has so many fans.

Another thing that goes in its favour is the fact that the All Blacks, the NZ national team, is among the best in the world. If you’re a rugby fan, you’ll be glad to know that our top-rated NZ bookmakers offer a variety of markets on the popular sport. When the All Blacks play in The Rugby Championship against the Wallabies, life comes at a stop in the island country.


Cricket is played at a very high standard in New Zealand. The national team is constantly among the best in the world and domestic cricket competitions are also pretty strong.

Thousands of NZ cricket fans can enjoy a wide range of markets at the best bookmakers in New Zealand. This goes for both pre-match and live sports betting markets.


While it’s not as popular as rugby, football still has thousands of supporters in New Zealand. Local competitions and events might not be as big as the rugby league, but there’s a huge buzz at the best bookmakers in New Zealand whenever the national team plays at the FIFA World Cup.

Horse Races

Horse race betting is very popular in New Zealand. The island country is home to popular events such as the Auckland Cup and New Zealand Derby, so it’s no wonder why so many online sports betting sites offer odds on them all.


Basketball, especially NBA betting is very popular in New Zealand. The sport is enjoying a resurgence in recent years with the NBA being among the top priorities for New Zealand bettors.

The best bookmakers in New Zealand offers a variety of odds on the NBA. From outright favourites to match betting, live betting, and points spreads, you can wager on a variety of NBA markets at the NZ betting portals on our list.

These are just some of the most popular sports in New Zealand. The fact remains that our recommended sports betting sites have a long list of sports markets you can place bets on. Don’t be afraid to experiment beyond the most popular sports. There’s a whole world of bets you can and should explore and bettingsites.net.nz is your ultimate NZ online betting guide.

Live Betting

Have you ever heard of live betting? It’s all the rage right now and all the best bookmakers in New Zealand have it on offer. Live betting gives you a chance to bet on the action second by second. Why place bets on pre-match markets when you can bet who scores the next goal or who gets a corner in the next 5 minutes?

Also known as in-play betting, this new platform has revolutionized the online sports betting industry. Many of the top-rated bookies on our list offer live streaming as well. With it, you can watch the game or games you’re wagering on and see how the action goes minute by minute.

This will help you make more educated bets and increase your chances of winning which is what we’re all hoping for.

The Best Mobile Online Betting Sites in NZ

The Best Mobile Online Betting Sites in NZ

When the world first experienced online betting it was in awe. And for some time, it was great to bet online without the need to go to a shop. However, as the industry improved and grew, it started targeting other sources of income. With the mobile industry growing at the same time, it was just a matter of time before online sports betting took the mobile route.

Mobile sports betting is hundreds of times more exciting than betting on your PC. Why sit in front of a screen when you can place bets on the go? The best bookmakers in New Zealand on our list offer special mobile apps that are optimized to work on a wide range of Android and iOS smartphones.

All you need to do to start betting online is a stable 4G/5G/WiFi connection. As long as you have Internet on your device, you can easily bet on your favourite teams online. Even if a bookmaker doesn’t have an app, don’t worry. All sports betting portals in New Zealand in 2021 are fully mobile-optimized and accessible from all types of devices.

While a mobile betting app provides the best experience, you can open up a bookie’s website from your phone and place bets with ease. Mobile betting is the future and if you still haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a lot.

Why Choose Bettingsites.net.nz Over Others?

Why Choose Bettingsites.net.nz Over Others?

Here at bettingsites.net.nz, we have one goal in mind – to put all reputable NZ bookies online in one spot for you. Sports betting can be confusing and we know that. That’s why we’re here – to give you a chance to bet online on sports with ease. We have the best bookmakers in New Zealand ranked and reviewed on our site and we also have helpful betting guides and tips and tricks that will make you become a better punter.

Our reviews are transparent and our team made of betting experts so you should never doubt our opinion. Bettingsites.net.nz team understands what NZ bettors want and need and work tirelessly to deliver that to you.

We work 24/7 to deliver on our promise and have already rounded up all the best bookmakers in New Zealand that matter. If you want to find a safe and secure sports betting site with the best odds in NZ, look no further than Bettingsites.net.nz.


  • Yes, of course, online betting is legal in New Zealand as long as you’re placing wagers at NZ-friendly offshore bookies. Here at Bettingsites24, you’ll find a list of the best bookmakers online in New Zealand so you don’t need to spend hours looking for a legal bookie that fits your wants and needs.
  • Should I pay taxes on my winnings?
    No, you won’t have to pay taxes on your winnings made at online sports betting sites. The law makes it clear that online gambling (including betting) in New Zealand is a recreational pastime, not a source of income. Due to that, you get to keep everything you win at top-rated NZ bookies.
  • Can I bet on horse racing?
    Yes, you can bet on horse racing. New Zealand has a long history with horse races so it’s quite the popular sport to bet on. The New Zealand Derby and the Auckland Cup are the two most popular events at the best bookmakers in NZ.
  • Can I bet on my mobile phone?
    Absolutely. If you ask most NZ bettors, they’ll tell you they prefer to place wagers from their smartphones and tablets. Our recommended sites are all mobile-optimized and many will even offer an Android or iOS app.
  • Can I claim bonuses or free bets?
    All the best bookmakers on our list offer free bets and welcome bonuses to new NZ players. Become a regular at the betting site and you will surely be able to earn even more bonuses later. You may also benefit from special promotions as well as loyalty rewards.
  • How fast will I get my winnings?
    That depends on the bookmaker and the payment method you’ve decided to use. The good news is that here at Bettingsites24, you will benefit from the fastest-paying bookies online in New Zealand.
  • Should I download any software?
    No, the majority of online sports betting sites on our list don’t require you to download and install software. You might have to download a mobile app, though, but it easy as 1-2-3.
  • Yes, live betting is legal in New Zealand. It’s as legal as placing bets in pre-match markets — it doesn’t require any other legislation. You can safely place bets at our recommended online betting portals reviewed and ranked by our team of experts.
  • Can I watch games live?
    While not all betting sites will offer it, the best bookmakers in New Zealand have the live streaming feature. It allows you to watch the matches you’ve bet on live. Since you’re going to be in the heat of the action, you will certainly be able to make better live bets.
  • Are New Zealand bookies safe?
    Sportsbooks recommended by Bettinsgistes24 experts are 100% safe and secure. We’d suggest you go through our best New Zealand betting sites reviews to get a full list of New Zealand safe sportsbooks.

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