Online Rugby Betting in New Zealand

March 23, 2022
Few sports have managed to offer the same kind of global fascination that rugby has. For quite a long time, New Zealanders have proven their love of the game repeatedly. Sportsbooks have gone ahead and capitalize on this fact, resulting in several betting sites that put wagering on rugby as one of their primary attractions.

When it comes to matters rugby, fans can get highly passionate, resulting in fuelled debates on which team is better. These fans are always willing to put their hard-earned funds down on the favorite teams and players, which is exactly why wagering on rugby has turned out to become as much of a phenomenon as it is.

Are you a Kiwi player looking to wager on rugby but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find helpful information on almost everything to do with online rugby betting in New Zealand. But first, the following are top NZ rugby betting sites:

Online Rugby Betting

All the above sites rank high when it comes to attentive customer support, high odds, site safety and reliability, plenty of bet types and some of the best rugby bonuses and promotions.

The Legal Framework

In New Zealand, sports betting remains largely legal. Here, online sports betting exists in a legal, but unregulated market. While New Zealand-based online sports betting sites are deemed illegal, offshore sites are legal. Therefore, real money rugby sports betting fans can wager with any international bookmaker that they prefer.

However, to be safe with your rugby bets, you may want to choose an offshore site that’s licensed by highly respected gambling commissions in the world, such as Malta, Curacao, or the UK Gambling Commission.

Types of Rugby Bets

Types of Rugby Bets

When it comes to wagering online on rugby in New Zealand, multiple betting options are available to NZ rugby betting fans. Plenty of top NZ rugby betting sites offer plenty of betting options to their customers, some of the common ones including the following:

Some of the most popular tournament wagers include:

Rugby Betting Tips for Kiwi Players

Rugby Betting Tips for Kiwi Players

When you are about to engage in online rugby betting in New Zealand, there are a few important things that you need to keep at the back of your mind. This is especially true if you are placing real money rugby bets. Do you want to beat the bookies most of the time? If that’s the case, you need to abide by the following rugby betting tips:

How to Choose Best NZ Rugby Betting Sites

How to Choose Best NZ Rugby Betting Sites

While deciding which rugby player or team to place your wager on is, of course, of utmost importance, finding the best site from which to place your rugby wagers is equally so. But how do you go about choosing the best betting sites for rugby? The process is quite simple.

To have an unforgettable online rugby betting experience, first, choose an experienced and licensed betting site. Playing at new sites that you have no information of or unlicensed bookmakers is something that you should avoid. If you win big, they may disappear with your money.

As a Kiwi online rugby betting fan, you should always go for sites that offer plenty of rugby bet types. This way, you’ll be able to settle for those types of rugby bets that you are familiar with, something that may see you earning some profit. Closely related to this, always go for operators that offer a plethora of banking options. With this, you’ll be in a good position to choose the option that you find safe and convenient.

How are the odds looking at the site of your choice? And are the support reps always attentive? When choosing a rugby-betting site, play at those with attractive odds and plenty of efficient means of reaching the support reps. All the sites we mention here offer some of the most competitive rugby betting odds, along with some of the most friendly and professional support reps that you can find.

Wrap Up

Rugby has always been a rugby nation for decades and up to today, it remains a big part of the Kiwi culture. For bettors, it even gets better since there are plenty of sites that accept online rugby bets for NZ players. With rugby woven into the fabric of New Zealand, betting on the sport is bound to grow even more.

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